Please note: Neema Fair Trade's online shop and website is closed until further notice due to a prolonged period of ill health. Following the Facebook page is the best way to hear about any news of a relaunch. Thank you for your support and interest in our journey so far. Sarah.

Neema sells beautiful handcrafted items made by talented artisans from every corner of the globe.
All of our suppliers have transparent sourcing policies and most are registered with BAFTS or WFTO. All work directly with their producer partners following Fair Trade principles.
Our joint aim is to offer sustainable income-generating opportunities to craftspeople in disadvantaged communities by paying in advance for items, ensuring that each artisan receives payment, and ensuring that working conditions are safe and pleasant.
Our artisans create a wide range of interesting and unusual musical instruments, larger ornaments and wooden furniture that we can order especially for you, so if you have something special in mind please don\'t hesitate getting in touch.
I hope you enjoy your shopping experience and on behalf of the artisans I thank you for your time.
Sarah Skelton
Neema Fair Trade